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It can be the early 20s or late 30s.

. But these days, many people tend to get married later in life, so 20 seems pretty.

The study came up with the four year age range after analysing data from the 2006-10 and 2011-13.


No you can get marry at what ever age you want to. yahoo. So, for example, if you’re 40, the youngest person that’s acceptable to.


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Jul 15, 2021 · Today, the average marriage age is 32 years old, according to the WeddingWire Newlywed Report.

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. The study came up with the four.

I was 39 when we got married/pregnant, 40 when I had our son, and we’re hoping to get pregnant again this year (I turned 41 last October).

32 isn't even a little old IMO and most men in their 30's want to date women of the same age.


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But plenty of people become a spouse much earlier or much later—and that’s okay.

Census Bureau, the average marriage ages for men and women were 22. Birkhead shares Dannielynn with the late Anna Nicole Smith.


5 years later (which felt like a very long time for me), married pretty quickly, and got pregnant 2 weeks after getting married.


C harles Murray has an interesting piece at the Wall Street Journal, outlining his five rules for living a happy life.