Joseph on Mathematics First Term Examination JSS 2; Wahab on History JSS 2 First Term Examination; OZUWEM988 on Le Langage de la classe French- Primary 3- First Term Lesson Note for Week 2; OZUWEM988 on Business Studies JSS 2 Second Term Examination; Annabel on Basic Technology JSS 2 Second Term Examination; Unimahi ubi on History JSS 1 Second.

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Business Objectives Introduction Levels GCSE AS Practice exam questions Teacher of Economics and. 2 of 10 FREE Occupation. In other words, consumerism is a protest of consumers against unfair business practices and business injustices.

03 Personal qualities of an entrepreneur. While the scheme of work for 2nd term covers topics and sub topics like, Three Column Cash book, Commercial bank: Origin and Functions, Current savings and fixed deposit accounts, Bank statement, Loan and overdraft,.



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Performance objectives: The student should be able to: Define Bank; State the types of banks; Define commercial bank; Explain services provided by a commercial bank; Identify ethical issues in banking.



(a) Looting in the community (b) Cleaning of bushes in the community (c) Construction of road (d) Building of community bore holes 2.